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Starý Biskupský Hostinec will enchant you...


After years of decay, a remarkable historic building in the center of Nitra park was given a new face. From May 2015, you can admire this building, located in the relaxation part of the town park, near the Nitra River, in its full beauty and elegance.


This classicist building served as a tavern in the past, and later as a café. It was built in 1831 by Bishop Vurum and was used as an inn for travelers until the demise of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the following years, the building was exposed to massive flooding. Later the facade and windows were restored. In the inter-war period the building served as a café. Unfortunately after that, it was neglected for years and almost everything precious inside and outside was destroyed.


After many years, we have brought life back to the building. In May 2015, the Old Bishop´s Inn was revived in its original beauty. The building was given a new look with respect to the former appearance. Thanks to the demanding reconstruction, various original elements such as a facade, columns or a coat of arms above the entrance, were preserved. Two outdoor terraces were added. One of them provides a view of the Nitra River, the other one faces the entire park. The interior is modernly designed, but boldly combines history and present.


Today, Old Bishop´s Inn offers its premises for organizing corporate or family events, social and business meetings, parties or various celebrations. It has a stylish restaurant and a confectionery with delicious coffee, excellent homemade desserts and originally made ice-cream. All desserts and cakes have become very popular and can even be ordered for private occasion. The menu is always varied, from breakfast during weekends to daily menu, which is always prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients. We also offer a complete set of original fruit distillates from Palenica Jelsovce. Each drop combines nature with the highest quality of processing. In a rich beverage menu, you can find home-made lemonades, mixed drinks and several kinds of draft beer. We also provide a wine card with the finest wines from Slovakia and other countries.


Let yourself be tempted by the history, the exceptional interior and the romantic surroundings of the Old Bishop´s Inn. Come and enjoy delicious coffee, desserts and great cuisine!

Daily Menu 25.05.2019

Chicken bouillon 1,3,7,9

250ml    3,20 €

Duck liver patee with pickled onion 1,3,7,11

80g    5,90 €

Salad – mixed leaves, grilled chicken breast, parmesan 1,7,10,11

300g      12,50 €

Creamy beetroot risotto 7,9

300g      9,50 €

Grilled pork comb with baked vegetables 1,7,9

400g    12,90 €

Pork burger with steak fries 1,3,7,10,11

400g    9,90 €

40g    sauce - barbecue 6 / sweet chilli 6 / mayonnaise 7,10 / ketchup     0,50 €


Tartare of beef tenderloin with toasts / pan-fried toasts 1,3,10

100g    11,50 €

Not recommended that uncooked meat and eggs consumed by children,

pregnant women, nursing women and people with impaired immunity.


Steak of beef tenderloin

200g    22,90 €

40 g    sauce - demi glace 1,7,9,10 / chilli 1,7 / green pepper  1,7,10  2,00 €/ wild mushroom 1,7,9,10   3,20 €


Kids menu:

Fried / grilled chicken schnitzel 1,3,7

120g    4,90 €

Creamy risotto with parmesan 1,3,7

200g    4,90 €

Side Dishes:

Fries / Steak fries 1                150g     2,90 €

Roasted herb potatoes 7     200g     2,50 €

Steamed rice 7                       180g     2,00 €

Grilled vegetables 7                  200g     3,90 €

Mixed salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan chips 7    100g    3,20 €


1. Gluten, 2. Crustaceans, 3. Eggs, 4. Fish, 5. Peanuts, 6. Soya, 7. Milk, 8. Nuts, 9. Celery, 10. Mustard,

11. Sesame, 12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, 13. Lupin, 14. Shellfish






Starý Biskupský Hostinec

Sihoť 3

949 01 Nitra

Tel.: 00421 37 381 18 67

Booking: rezervacie@starybiskupskyhostinec.sk

Website: www.starybiskupskyhostinec.sk


Chief Managers:

Jozef Liday

Phone: 00421 918 998 590

E-mail: jliday@starybiskupskyhostinec.sk


Martin Kuruc

Phone: 00421 917 453 184

E-mail: mkuruc@starybiskupskyhostinec.sk


Confectionary and sweets:

Phone: 00421 918 474 680

It is possible to order our desserts for family celebrations, weddings or corporate events.


Pálenica Jelšovce s.r.o.

951 43 Jelšovce 240

IČO: 36 771 791

DIČ: 2022384617

IČ DPH: SK2022384617

OR Okresný súd Nitra, vložka číslo: 19859/N

Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday

10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.



10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.



Pálenica Jelšovce, s.r.o

Jelšovce 240, 951 43